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A Family Passion 
Meaningful Mantras originally started as a passion project in front of the mirror when I was 17 years old, as a way to finally look in the mirror and love who I saw staring back at me. It began as sticky notes with positive messages, and those sticky notes turned into powerful mantras, and eventually they became stickers.

Meaningful Mantras was created out of a need to look into the mirror and be happy about who I saw looking back at me. I didn't believe I was beautiful, worthy, or strong. But I knew if I surrounded myself with positive mantras, I would eventually believe them. And that's how it all started. Those sticky notes on my mirror changed how I felt about myself, mentally and physically. I believed I was beautiful, worthy, and strong. And I knew if it could changed my perspective, then it could help someone else too. 

And from what started out as just mantra stickers for your mirror evolved to aromatherapy candles and intentional bath soaks. This felt like a natural evolution as I grew up in the candle world, watching my parents handcraft vegan soy candles out of our garage with essential oils in their first company, Aroma Naturals. They sold their business to Yankee Candle when I was 8 years old, and ever since then I was in awe of the candle industry.  

I always knew I wanted to create something that could have a positive impact in our daily lives. Throughout my entire life, my mom always said to me, "What goes on your skin goes in your skin. What you inhale, you absorb." This message stuck with me my entire life and made me very conscious and cautious of ingredients from an early age. I had no idea that the candle industry, a seemingly fun space, could be so full of secrecy and deceit.

Conventional candles and other household products contain hundreds of chemicals that over time can harm your health. That's why we created our candles using 100% real essential oils and pure sustainable vegan coconut wax. We meticulously vet our suppliers to ensure that we are getting the highest quality essential oils and raw materials. For the benefit of our bodies and the world, choose real essential oils over synthetic perfumes which are petrochemicals. When we imitate nature, we pollute it. 

- Sofia Ava, Founder 
Ingredients Truly Matter 

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