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Bath & Body

Nourishing bath soaks made with real essential oils and medical grade magnesium sulfate.

All Natural, Vegan, + Low-Tox Bath Soaks... That actually smell good.

From what started out as a family passion turned into a family business, mother-daughter duo Tina and Sofia set out to create the most exceptional aromatherapy products in the world with clean, high quality essential oils and medical grade Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt).

Meaningful Mantras Epsom Salts are free of synthetic fragrance oils and harmful ingredients because we truly believe Ingredients Matter®. Our clean, plant-based Epsom Salts have a wonderful aroma and are ultra-soothing. Besides, who wants to soak in undisclosed chemicals, right?!
Cold-pressed or extracted from the rinds + peels of citrus fruits and smells so fresh and identical to the fruit itself
Essential oils are more potent than dried herbs and they are the ultimate in natural healthcare. Ancient Egyptians, Chinese medicine and the Indian science of Ayurveda relied upon the power of essential oils from plants to maintain the health of the mind and body.
Steam distilled from plants and flowers, our essential oils are fresh and sustainably sourced. Colors vary per season and change from batch to batch, naturally.
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Medical Grade Magnesium Sulfate: The highest quality, pure Epsom Salt aids in reducing inflammation, reducing muscle soreness and boosting relaxation. 


How It Really Should Be

Our truly healthy products take non-toxic home scenting to the next level. You really can create a clean and healthy home without the harsh chemicals. 

Everyday Wellness

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Pure Essential Oils 
Artificial Colorant Free
Unbleached Cotton Wicks
Phthalate Free

Petrochemical Free

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