You Are Loved Lavender Candle


Sweet lavender and a hint of orange blossom makes this the perfect blend for ultimate at home relaxation and meditation. 


    Our 'message in a bottle' jar design and proprietary coconut wax blend join together with real essential oils to create a unique aromatherapy experience. 

    This is a beautiful gift, reminder and addition to any atmosphere. 

    Pure lavender and orange blossom harmoniously blended to reduce inflammation, enhance mood, reduce anxiety, and promote relaxation. 

    A beautiful mantra to remind yourself daily. 

    Burn time is approximately 40 hours. 


    - Candle Volume: 7 ounces 

    - Recycled glass jar eco-friendly  

    - Proprietary coconut wax blend 

    - Hand-crafted in the United States 

    - Sustainable, ecologically-sound, pesticide-free manufacturing

    - 100% natural cotton ribbon wick for a longer, cleaner burn 

    - Phthalates, parabens and sulfate free

    - Vegan & animal cruelty free

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